The new R8 starts at $1,249.  -  Photo: Durabook

The new R8 starts at $1,249.

Photo: Durabook

Durabook announced the launch of its new Durabook R8, a fanless 8" fully rugged tablet featuring 12th-generation Intel Core processors.

"Durabook devices are designed to meet the increasing demands of field service workers operating across some of the most demanding sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, logistics, field services, and utility industries, as well as law enforcement departments and government agencies," said Fred Kao, Twinhead CEO. "These users often require both high performance and the convenience of portability, which are typically conflicting needs. Now, there is R8. The R8 meets all these requirements head-on, allowing workforces to boost efficiency and performance even in the harshest environments."

The R8's Intel Iris Xe Graphics boosts computing power to process large amounts of data, images, and video feeds in real-time, providing a reliable mobile solution to support digital and remote operations for diverse professional applications, according to Durabook's news release.

Certified with MIL-STD-810H to withstand drops of up to six feet, the device also boasts IP66 and ANSI/UL C1D2 certification, according to Durabook. Expansion options include a barcode reader, ethernet RJ-45, serial port RS-232, RFID/NFC reader, smart card, and magnet stripe reader to increase usability for workers.

The new R8 starts at $1,249.