Brigade’s MDR-404-500 and MDR-408-1000 mobile digital recorders provide the ability to record up to 1,164 hours of footage from eight cameras at one time.

Recorded video can act as a witness to provide evidence in the case of false claims, incidents or vandalism while also supporting the driver who can come under increased scrutiny during accident investigations.

The digital recorders also have built-in GPS for recording speed and location and are suitable for all applications according to Brigade. The footage can be downloaded on to a USB storage device or computer. It has a built-in SD card to guard against data loss in the event of a hard drive failure.

The cameras can be triggered by eight configurable inputs such as speed, G-Force, and motion-detection. Footage is protected with a non-visible digital watermark to detect if footage has been tampered with.

The MDR-404-500 can be connected to four cameras with a 500GB hard drive while the MDR-408-1000 can be connected to eight cameras with a 1TB hard drive.