Paragon Software Systems introduces its Territory Optimizer solution, an optional planning module that enables transport planners to create territories with balanced workloads within distribution or service routes.

Using Territory Optimizer to pre-plan trips before running the routes and schedules through Paragon is designed to ensure compact delivery zones for efficient routing.

“This solution is perfect for a company whose drivers reps work in a particular delivery or service territory,” said William Salter, President and CEO of Paragon Software Systems. “The software provides optimized territories that reduce road miles and have achievable daily workloads. It calculates territories using accurate travel calculations and allows for time spent at each customer site. This provides a full and true picture of each driver’s territory together with his or her assigned jobs.”

Paragon Territory Optimizer is designed to provide advantages to companies that provide two types of delivery services: when customers need to be served by a regular driver or when a depot can deliver to different areas on different days.

When each driver has a designated group of regular customers, the software allows planners to set up efficient delivery zones with appropriate and achievable trips for each driver. Each zone will contain enough work for the driver to cover a given period. This information is uploaded to the Paragon routing and scheduling software to calculate optimized routes and schedules, with each customer allocated a number and each route handling a single zone.

If delivering to different customer areas on different days, the software can divide the delivery areas by the days of the week. This results balanced workloads across the desired number of zones throughout the work week. The information is then input to the routing and scheduling system to optimize resources, routes and costs for each zone and day of the week.

Applications include home and wholesale deliveries, van sales, sanitation and facilities servicing, and field services.