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Delivery Fleets

Last-Mile Delivery Market Primed for Electrification

Work vehicles are finally becoming electrified. With many stops, predictable routes, and daily returns to a central depot, the last-mile delivery market is poised to take advantage of these new electric models first.

Three Factors for Breaking into Last-Mile Deliveries

Fleet operators looking to break into this tough market should consider a partnership, utilize technology-driven insights, or develop a new angle to serve the heightened expectations of today’s consumers.

Top 5 Last-Mile Routing Challenges & How to Solve Them

Delivery fleets face increased customer demands, missed ETAs, and vague delivery locations daily. A combination of technology implementations, rethinking operational processes, and leveraging customer information can help.

Amazon Signs Natural Fuel Deal

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has signed an agreement with Amazon to provide low and negative carbon renewable natural gas (RNG).