Photo by Xnatedawgx/Wikimedia Commons.

Photo by Xnatedawgx/Wikimedia Commons.

The days are getting shorter and daylight saving time comes to an end on Sunday, Nov. 5. Driving at night presents its own set of challenges, so here are six simple tips from the National Safety Council that you can pass along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder:

  1. Aim your headlights correctly and make sure they’re clean.
  2. Dim your dashboard.
  3. Look away from oncoming lights.
  4. If you wear glasses, make sure they’re anti-reflective.
  5. Clean the windshield to eliminate streaks.
  6. Slow down to compensate for limited visibility and reduced stopping time.

Additionally, the risk of drowsy driving rises at night. Here are five tips from the National Sleep Foundation on how to prevent drowsy driving:

  1. Get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.
  2. Don’t drive if you’ve been awake for 24 hours or more.
  3. Stop every two hours to rest.
  4. Pull over and take a nap if you’re drowsy.
  5. Travel during times you are normally awake.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet