Heavy-duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni today announced it will once again sponsor the industry’s National Lift Week, which will be celebrated in locations across North America Oct. 2-7, 2017, and showcase best practices in vehicle lift safety, service, and performance.

Now in its fourth year, National Lift Week presents a six-day celebratory event to advance knowledge and education associated with safety, usage, service, and enhancements in heavy duty vehicle lifts.

What’s more, given the tremendous responsibility of all manufacturers and users of lifting systems to get it right – every time – Stertil-Koni notes that the entire lifting community is united in taking education, training, and certification in vehicle lifting systems as an extremely serious business.

For its part, Stertil-Koni will leverage its expansive distributor network across the United States and Canada to participate in National Lift Week by hosting live product demos, hands-on briefings and educational updates associated with the entire range of heavy duty vehicle lifting systems.

Here is the National Lift Week schedule of daily topics:

1. Mobile Column Monday: communicating the attributes and benefits of portable lifting columns;

2. Two-Post Tuesday: featuring the benefits of two-post vehicle lifts;

3. Wireless Wednesday: demonstrating the attributes and safety associated with wireless vehicle lifting systems;

4. Earthy Thursday: providing educational material about new initiatives in green vehicle lifting;

5. Free-Wheel Lifting Friday: exploring lifting systems that provide wheels-free lifting to allow technicians to perform comprehensive vehicle maintenance and service; and

6. Safety Saturday: presenting multiple approaches to advance shop safety, including third-party lift certification by ALI, the Automotive Lift Institute’s Certified Lift Inspector Program and the importance of regularly scheduled lift inspections.

“It is an honor to sponsor National Lift Week for the fourth year in a row. These six-days are set aside to raise awareness about safety, best practices and the importance of lift certification. We look forward to sharing key information during this special week with the understanding that all of us involved in heavy duty vehicle lifts can enact these practices all year long," said Dr. Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni.