Screenshots courtesy of Fleetio.

Screenshots courtesy of Fleetio.

Fleetio has begun offering a Web-based software module that provides an alternative to paper-based vehicle inspections for fleets, the company has announced.

The module, which is availabe using the Fleetio Go mobile app, allows drivers to quickly and accurately complete required inspections and trigger maintenance workflows.

Fleetio allows fleet administrators to choose from preformatted templates (DOT, MOT) or build their own vehicle inspection forms including customized fields, instructions for drivers and inspection schedules.

Drivers scan a barcode on their mobile devices to access and perform assigned inspections. If inspection items fail, drivers include details such as photos and comments to offer improved clarity to mechanics and management. Failed items trigger maintenance workflows.

"The simplicity of mobile inspections has been a game-changer for our drivers," said George Buckner, chief information officer of the Central Florida Electric Cooperative. "Fleetio offers clean, easy-to-use vehicle inspections forms that don't get lost in the shuffle."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet