2015 Chevrolet Colorado (PHOTO: General Motors)

2015 Chevrolet Colorado (PHOTO: General Motors)

Fleet customers can begin ordering LEER caps and tonneaus for 2015 model Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks. LEER has geared up its production and service to meet the impending needs of fleet customers.

LEER is accepting orders from national and regional fleet operators planning to purchase 2015 Chevy Colorados and GMC Canyons, both scheduled to go on sale in November, for the following products:

  • 100R cap – a high-value, rugged fiberglass cap for everyday use.
  • 100RCC cap – a fiberglass cap with a custom-fit design for the work truck.
  • 180 cap – a mid-rise cap with fiberglass construction delivering 20% more storage capacity that a standard cap.
  • 180CC cap – a fiberglass cap for the work truck, featuring extra height for additional storage space.
  • 550 tonneau – a low-profile fiberglass tonneau.
  • 700 tonneau – a fiberglass tonneau designed to accentuate the lines of the pickup.
  • DCC cap – an aluminum-framed cap designed for work trucks with sturdy aluminum base rails.

“We expect fleet orders for the new 2015 model pickups to be very strong this year, and we’re ramping up our manufacturing to meet that anticipated demand,” Jim Blayne, director of fleet sales at TAG - Truck Accessories Group, LLC. “Every LEER product purchased by a fleet customer will be backed with the LEER network of support professionals, ensuring our product is delivered on time and on budget, and is impeccably installed.”

LEER fleet customers can specify LEER caps and tonneaus that fits their specific requirements, and have the same product built under exacting specifications at three different locations, reducing transportation distances, time and shipping costs. Once fabrication is complete, additional benefits include expert installation and support available from the industry’s only true coast-to-coast dealer/installer network.