Two men seated at a table shake hands in front of a blue background with a logo for ZM Trucks.

Majid Pishyar, chairman and CEO of 32Group, left, and Joost de Vries, CEO, ZM Trucks, announced the 900-truck order at ACT Expo and now the first trucks will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2204.

Photo: ZM Trucks

32Group, the exclusive distributor for ZM Trucks’ zero-emission battery electric and fuel-cell electric commercial vehicle trucks in select markets of West Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe, placed its first 900-unit truck order with ZO Motors North America. Delivery will begin later this year.

ZM said the 900-unit is for an assortment of battery-electric models. The first units will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2024 with the balance in the first quarter of 2025. According to ZM, significantly higher volumes are expected to be delivered in the third and fourth quarters of 2025.

ZM Trucks said that these markets have not been able to access cost-competitive and intelligent, zero-emission vehicle platforms.  The order was placed during the recent Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

Based in Torrance, California, ZM Trucks is the western expression of ZO Motors, a manufacturer and seller of zero-emission, urban-environment, work trucks. The trucks are designed in Asia, sourced from a global supply chain, and assembled near their sales regions.

ZM Trucks said 32Group aims to become the region's top supplier of new energy commercial vehicles. According to ZM Trucks, the trucks not only offer emission benefits but also reduce noise, improve driver comfort, and assist transport companies in complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

As an experienced commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor, 32Group will provide not just charging infrastructure but also a complete range of support services before and after the deployment of ZM Trucks products in these markets.

ZM Trucks and 32Group are further exploring a joint venture with KD Manufacturing to service the region.

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