White ZM Trucks ZM8 medium-duty Class 6 truck.

The ZM8 is a Class 6 Battery-Electric Vehicle with a spacious cab, powerful drivetrain, and proven track record in Asian countries.

Photo: ZM Trucks | Work Truck 

North America's newest zero-emissions commercial truck brand, ZM Trucks, will debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas from May 20 to 23. 

As a subsidiary of ZO Motors Tokyo, ZM Trucks will showcase five models in the Class 4, 5, 6, and "Baby 8" segments, expected to be available for purchase before the end of 2024. These models are designed to meet local market needs and will be assembled in North America, ensuring compliance with all North American regulations.

What is ZM Trucks? 

ZM Trucks CEO Joost de Vries emphasized that the Company is backed by proven and reliable technology, solid funding, and access to supply chain resources and partnerships, setting it apart from typical untested startups. 

The brand will offer tangible financial, operational, and regulatory competitive advantages, including improved cost-per-mile performance, decreased maintenance downtime, better city-center access due to noise abatement regulations, and enhanced driver comfort.

In addition to environmentally friendly vehicles, ZM Trucks will provide cost-efficient charging solutions, enabling hassle-free battery electric vehicle driving with powerful 20 kW AC charging options and standard DC charging. 

The trucks are designed with clean back-of-cab and chassis rails, facilitating efficient and easy upfit solutions. Furthermore, ZM Trucks will offer comprehensive support to aid customers in accessing state incentives and managing ongoing reporting requirements during the transition from diesel-powered trucks to zero-emission solutions.

ZM Truck Options for Commercial Fleets

At the 2024 ACT Expo, ZM Trucks will feature Asian-market production models, including the ZM4, ZM8, ZMx FCEV, and ZM22. 

The medium-duty and heavy-duty North American versions, set to be released in 2024, will include the following models:

  • ZM4 – A Class 4 Battery-Electric Van with a unibody design, high payload, and 132 kWh HV battery.
  • ZM8 – A Class 6 Battery-Electric Vehicle with a spacious cab, powerful drivetrain, and proven track record in Asian countries.
  • ZM8 FCEV – A market-proven Class 6 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle with impressive range and payload capacity.
  • ZM22 – A Class 8 Battery-Electric Vehicle with a ground-up EV chassis design and high-capacity in-frame HV batteries.
  • ZM22 FCEV – A Class 8 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle with an exceptional range and rapid refueling capability.

The ZM Trucks lineup aims to provide fleet managers with a diverse range of zero-emission work trucks. These trucks offer total cost-of-ownership advantages over traditional diesel trucks and comprehensive transportation solutions, including service, diagnostics, parts support, and a cloud-based fleet management system. 

Fleet managers attending the 2024 ACT Expo can visit ZM Trucks at Booth #444 to learn more about these innovative vehicles and their potential impact on their operations.

Canada Gets ZM Trucks Distribution 

ZO Motors North America and ITD Industries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to make ITD Industries the exclusive distributor of ZM Trucks' zero-emission Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric commercial truck products in Canada. ZM Trucks, a division of ZO Motors, is the newest brand for zero-emissions commercial trucks in North America.

The zero-emission work truck market in Canada is growing rapidly. With innovative battery electric and fuel cell electric offerings, ZM Trucks products will provide operators with cost-efficient alternatives.

As one of the largest North American commercial transportation equipment manufacturers and distributors of zero-emission commercial vehicles in Canada, ITD Industries will give the country's largest fleets access to zero-emission equipment solutions, including charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure, as well as a complete range of support services before and after the deployment of ZM Trucks products in Canada.

The parties will also explore a joint venture for KD manufacturing to serve the market.

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