Fleet managers should make every month fleet safety month. Here are seven features to read for each day of the week! - Photo: Work Truck

Fleet managers should make every month fleet safety month. Here are seven features to read for each day of the week! 

Photo: Work Truck 

June is National Safety Month, and as fleet managers, it's crucial to stay informed and proactive about safety practices. To support you in maintaining a safe and efficient fleet, we’ve curated a selection of essential articles and resources from Work Truck magazine.

Dive into these topics to enhance your fleet's safety protocols and keep your team safe on the road.

This Week's Daily Safety Reading

DAY 1: Alt-Fuels

Propane Fueling Safety Best Practices for Work Trucks. Do you truly understand the importance of fueling training programs and the features built into propane fueling stations to maximize safety? Learn more!

DAY 2: Medical Certifications

What 3 FMCSA Updates Might Affect Medical Certifications? Find out more about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) notices that may impact your driver’s medical qualifications. Read today

DAY 3: Safety Ratings

Second Chances: How to Upgrade Your Safety Rating. An unfavorable compliance review can result in a public relations nightmare, high insurance rates, and difficulty in attracting quality drivers. But motor carriers have an opportunity to ask for a do-over. Check it out! 

DAY 4: Safety Teams

How & Why to Create an Electric Vehicle Safety Team. To mitigate risks associated with EVs, organizations can create an EV Safety Team (EVST) that oversees policies, procedures, technology, and training programs and fosters safe practices among employees and drivers. Learn how!

DAY 5: Upfitting Safety 

Enhancing Fleet Efficiency and Safety Through Upfitting. Uncover the secrets to enhancing fleet efficiency, safety, and industry-specific needs through vehicle upfitting. Learn more

DAY 6: Crash Reduction

Crashes Add Up: Factors that Cost Fleets Money. A look at things you may not have considered that can make fleet crashes cost more than you may expect, including increased hiring costs, an expertise gap, higher insurance premiums, and more. Check it out

DAY 7: Incident Response

Why Fleet Drivers Need to Take Post-Collision Photographs. Commercial drivers need to take ample photos after they have been involved in a crash or collision, says attorney Doug Marcello, who has represented trucking firms in lawsuits in 35 states. There is even a checklist of what photos are to be taken. Check it out! 

Additional Safety Month Resources

  • Fleet Safety Conference: Registration Open: Fleet Safety Conference brings rich education from experts in fleet safety, with content focused on reducing driver distraction, safety technologies, driver risk profiling, safety training, limiting fleet liability, tools to enhance your overall safety, and more! Register today
  • National Safety Month: An National Safety Council Initiative: Join the National Safety Council in June for National Safety Month – the annual observance to help keep each other safe from the workplace to anyplace. Since 1996, NSM has provided a month’s worth of free safety resources to highlight leading causes of preventable injury and death. Let’s work together to make people safer this June and all year long! Learn more

As we observe National Safety Month, take advantage of these resources to reinforce your commitment to fleet safety. Stay informed, stay proactive, and keep your fleet safe on the road.

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