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The new truck will further broaden Isuzu's product line-up and powertrain offerings, providing customers in the medium-duty segment (Class 6 & 7) with a zero-emission option. 

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Isuzu North America Corporation announced the launch of a new, zero-emission Isuzu class 6 & 7 truck. This truck will use an Accelera by Cummins powertrain and will be available in the United States and Canada. 

This marks the first zero-emissions solution from the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership, a collaboration between Isuzu Motors Limited and Cummins Inc. formed in May 2019 to develop innovative powertrain solutions.

In a strategic move, Isuzu Motors Limited and Gatik AI, Inc. have agreed to further enhance the development of the North American autonomous driving business. This partnership underscores Isuzu's unwavering commitment to the future of autonomous driving and its determination to be at the forefront of this transformative technology.

Working with Accelera on the Future of Fleet

Accelera's cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology makes the new Isuzu medium-duty truck a game-changer. It delivers the benefits of a low cab forward chassis while empowering customers to achieve zero emissions, contributing significantly to a greener future. The vehicle is expected to be available by 2026.

This addition will further broaden Isuzu's product line-up and powertrain offerings, providing customers in the medium-duty segment (Class 6 & 7) with a zero-emission option. 

"With the start of production of our Isuzu Class 5 N-Series EV coming this summer and with the future addition of the Isuzu battery-electric Class 6 & 7 truck, we can provide zero emission solutions across our product line-up. This will also improve the breadth of our offerings, allowing customers to choose the product and propulsion system that best fits their needs," stated Shaun Skinner, Executive Officer, Isuzu Motors Limited.

Amy Davis, President, Accelera by Cummins, values the Isuzu-Cummins collaboration to help customers achieve zero emissions.

"Partnership and collaboration is critical to supporting customers through the energy transition. With Isuzu and our joint commitment to innovation, we will provide customers with safe, reliable, zero-emissions solutions," she said.

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Isuzu Invests $30 Million in Gatik for Autonomous Driving

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The agreement between Isuzu and Gatik is focused on developing middle-mile autonomous driving.

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Isuzu is making a substantial investment of $30 million in Gatik, solidifying a strong partnership to realize mobility services based on level 4 autonomous driving. This significant financial commitment demonstrates Isuzu's confidence in Gatik's capabilities and its long-term commitment to the development of autonomous driving solutions.

The agreement between Isuzu and Gatik is focused on developing middle-mile autonomous driving. It will include designing and developing a new chassis (redundant chassis) that ensures safety when equipped with an autonomous driving system.

In April 2024, as part of its mid-term business plan, "ISUZU Transformation - Growth to 2030 (IX)", Isuzu committed to the establishment of three new business pillars for the future: 

  1. Autonomous driving solutions
  2. Connected services
  3. Carbon-neutral solutions 

To develop autonomous driving solutions, Isuzu has partnered with Gatik to launch a level 4 autonomous commercial vehicle business in 2027. Gatik is the only company that provides autonomous middle-mile logistics services in North America, using medium-duty Class 3-7 autonomous driving trucks to deliver goods safely and efficiently. 

The company is particularly focused on middle-mile B2B logistics for large companies. In 2021, it also successfully completed fully driverless commercial middle-mile deliveries. 

Gatik's Class 3-7 autonomous driving trucks are commercially deployed in Texas, Arkansas (United States), and Ontario (Canada). Through this partnership, Isuzu will enter the middle mile autonomous driving business in the low-cab forward (LCF) segment, where the company has already established a market leadership position in the United States and Canada. 

Moreover, the two companies will jointly design and develop a new chassis with safety performance compatible with the installation of an autonomous driving system, with the aim of starting mass production in 2027. 

Through this collaboration, Isuzu and Gatik are committed to leading innovation in middle-mile autonomous driving in North America and providing new value in transportation for the betterment of society.

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