Did you know that 2023 marks Isuzu's highest build plan in history for all its models? In a year riddled with supply chain disruptions and concerns over new truck orders, Isuzu's achievement is worth celebrating. Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, sheds light on how Isuzu is rising to the occasion.

Chatting About Isuzu Commercial Trucks 

Compared to last year, Isuzu's production has surged by over 40%, thanks to supply chain management and logistics improvements. Even when compared to their previous best production year, Isuzu is on track to exceed it by almost 30%. 

Skinner attributes this success to a combination of factors, primarily mitigating supply chain and logistics challenges, resulting in a smoother production cadence. The team at Isuzu has tirelessly worked on enhancing their performance across various aspects of the supply chain, ensuring a more efficient process from production to dealership delivery.

"With a big reduction in supply chain challenges and logistic challenges. We have much better cadence now with our build and product shipment,” Skinner said.

Moreover, high demand in the commercial vehicle market has allowed Isuzu to maintain its momentum. Despite some economic uncertainties, demand for commercial trucks remains robust, especially in the Class 3 through 7 segments.

Meeting Fleet Needs in a High-Demand Market

With demand outpacing supply, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America faces the challenge of meeting customer expectations while ensuring dealer satisfaction.

One noteworthy aspect is Isuzu's record-high dealer stock. This surplus allows Isuzu to continue building at elevated levels. However, striking a balance is important, as overproduction can lead to inventory saturation.

"Our ability to build right now and provide the dealers with the stock that they require. We’ve never been at record level never built as much as ever before,” Skinner said.

The goal is to reach a stage where customers and dealers can anticipate delivery times with greater accuracy. While it's challenging, Skinner believes improvements are on the horizon as body companies enhance their processes.

The Isuzu N-Series EV is the automakers entry into the electric truck market. - Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

The Isuzu N-Series EV is the automakers entry into the electric truck market. 

Photo: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America 

Isuzu Commercial Truck's Electric Vehicle Journey

As we move forward in an era of electric vehicles, Isuzu is making significant strides toward electrification. The introduction of the 2025 N-Series EV is set to mark a milestone in the company's history. This EV will be paired with a brand-new, technologically advanced cab design, giving the vehicle a bold and aggressive appearance.

"Not only will we have the N-Series EV, we'll have the N-Series gas and N-Series diesel. What I think excites our team and our dealers is no matter what the customer needs are, you're going to have a product that really should be able to fit your needs,” Skinner said.

Isuzu's approach to EVs is about technological innovation and offering a comprehensive product portfolio.

"No matter what the customer needs are, you're going to have a product that really should be able to fit your needs,” Skinner said.

And now, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America customers can lean on Chargepoint for the charging infrastructure needs and additional support. Using secure dealer credentials, Isuzu dealers can log into a designated ChargePoint website portal where the company, or one of its authorized channel partners, will collaborate closely with the dealer and/or customer to create a personalized electrification solution.


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