BYD Delivers Electric Terminal Tractor to Beer Distributor

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BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced the delivery of a heavy-duty, Class 8 (8Y) terminal tractor in January to New York’s beer and beverage wholesaler, Manhattan Beer Distributors

This delivery is the first electric terminal tractor in the company’s fleet of more than 355 trucks, hard at work delivering its products to New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley. 

“The 8Y BYD terminal tractor is equipped with the industry’s safest, longest lasting, and most reliable battery systems worldwide. The 8Y terminal tractor was designed and built as an integrated system with the highest performance and endurance,” said BYD in a statement. 

Milea Truck Sales and Leasing, a BYD truck dealer, helped deliver this truck which can provide 22 to 26 hours of consecutive operation. 

“BYD applauds Manhattan Beer Distributors for their dedication to improving the quality of life in their community by switching to clean energy vehicles,” shared BYD Senior Vice President Patrick Duan. “Manhattan Beer’s green initiatives truly show their commitment to helping the environment, and BYD is happy to work with a company so eager to make a difference.” 

Why Electrify a Beer Distribution Fleet?

Manhattan Beer Distributors has emphasized the importance of alternative-fuel solutions for over two decades to improve air quality for its communities and minimize its environmental footprint. Manhattan Beer’s green initiatives can be seen throughout several areas of its business, expanding beyond its electrified fleets into recycling operations and solar panel investments. 

“We’re excited to partner with BYD and NYSERDA to electrify our yard tractor as part of our continued efforts to increase the use of sustainable fuels throughout our entire operation,” said Juan Corcino, Senior Director of Fleet and Sustainability at Manhattan Beer Distributors. 

What's Under the Heavy-Duty Hood? 

The heavy-duty Class 8 terminal tractor features the following features: 

  • Wheelbase: 118 in
  • GCWR: 102,000 lbs. 
  • Max Power: 241 HP
  • Max Torque: 1,106 lb.-ft. 
  • Initial Battery Capacity: 217 kWh
  • Charging PowerDC: 120 kW CCS1
  • Charging Time: 2 hrs

The truck features a top speed of 33 mph with a 15% max gradability. 

The BYD 8Y’s core technologies include state-of-the-art batteries, controls and motors. These core technologies are designed, tested and built by BYD as an integrated system. This allows the BYD 8Y to achieve the highest levels of performance, endurance and reliability.

BYD trucks are assembled by members of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transit (SMART) worker’s union, Local 105, in BYD’s manufacturing facility located in Lancaster, California.  

In other news, BYD’s trucks are also eligible for California Incentives. Medium-duty Class 6 models (6F and 6R) are eligible for $85,000 while the heavy-duty Class 8 models (8R and 8TT) are eligible for $120,000. The company also participated in Clean Air Day in October to help in a unified day of action to create new habits to clean the air. 

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