Mullen Automotive's Class 1 electric cargo van at Los Angeles International Airport.

Mullen Automotive's Class 1 electric cargo van at Los Angeles International Airport.

Photo: Mullen Automotive

Mullen Automotive, an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, announced a pilot program for Class 1 electric cargo vans with Menzies Aviation and Loop Global Inc. at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Menzies operates in 250-plus airports in 58 countries, providing ground, air cargo, and fuel services to commercial airports and airlines.

Menzies Aviation is piloting Mullen Automotive electric vans and Loop Global charging infrastructure across its operations at LAX as it looks for innovative solutions to support its ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2033.

Menzies has a global fleet of 27,000 ground service equipment, including over 8,000 vehicles, at 250-plus airports worldwide and is committed to switching to electric to reduce emissions in line with its sustainability strategy.

Mullen and Menzies have agreed to a 60-day pilot program that will evaluate the Class 1 electric cargo vans in several use cases across Menzies’ LAX operations, such as transporting cabin cleaning teams to aircraft.

Loop Global Expanding its EV Fleet

Loop will provide EV charging infrastructure and fleet operations software to service the Mullen electric vans through its EV fleet as-a-service (EVFaaS) program.

With the Loop cloud-based Charger Management System (CMS), Menzies will be able to charge Mullen’s electric vehicles between each shift to keep them powered for daily operations across LAX.

David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive, said: “Menzies is a well-respected leader in the aviation industry. Our commercial EVs are a natural fit for airport service and logistics operations. Working together with Menzies and Loop providing a full EV ecosystem solution is a great opportunity for Mullen.”

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