National average diesel fuel prices dipped through the end of 2022.

National average diesel fuel prices dipped through the end of 2022.

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How did average national diesel fuel prices close out 2022? National average retail diesel fuel prices dropped to $4.54 per gallon as of Dec. 26, 2022, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

This average price represents a decrease of 6 cents from the prior week and an increase of 92 cents over the same time last year. Currently, prices are under one dollar higher than they were last year.

The highest that U.S. national average diesel fuel prices peaked in 2022 was $5.81 per gallon on June 20, 2022. Average diesel fuel prices declined through mid August and have been on an up-and-down trajectory for the past few months of 2022, continuing the overall decrease from November 7 through the end of 2022. 

All regions are still seeing price increase for diesel fuel year-over-year but are seeing a decrease from the prior week.

Current average diesel prices by region are:

  • East Coast: $4.81
  • Midwest: $4.40
  • Gulf Coast: $4.16
  • Rocky Mountain: $4.75
  • West Coast: $5.07

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