After an initial integration phase, Lightning and HEVO will showcase the wireless charging...

After an initial integration phase, Lightning and HEVO will showcase the wireless charging functionality on a demo vehicle to customers across North America.

Photo: XL Fleet

Lightning eMotors, Inc., provider of zero-emission medium-duty commercial vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) technology for fleets, and Hevo Inc., a provider of wireless EV charging technology announced a program to demonstrate the wireless charging of Lightning eMotors’ fleet vehicles.

After an initial integration phase, the two companies will test HEVO’s Rezonant E8 wireless charging technology on the medium-duty, Class 3 ZEV3 platform at Lightning eMotors’ Loveland, Colorado, headquarters. The demo vehicle will then be showcased to Lightning and Hevo fleet customers throughout North America.

According to Hevo, the 8kW Rezonant E8 is a cost-effective solution for overnight charging requirements common to commercial fleets. The technology has a very limited weight penalty compared to other wireless charging solutions, thus retaining GVWR for additional passengers and cargo, and is compliant with UL and SAE safety, performance, and interoperability standards for wireless charging.

“We are excited to be first-to-market with medium-duty production vehicles equipped with wireless charging. Lightning has deployed hundreds of commercial electric vehicles with fleets throughout North America and we understand that any opportunity to cost-effectively simplify EV operations for our customers is a win for everyone. We are committed to continued innovation in fleet electrification and excited to partner with Hevo on wireless charging solutions to streamline zero-emission vehicle projects and accelerate commercial EV adoption," said Lightning eMotors’ Co-Founder & CEO, Tim Reeser.

The Hevo roadmap includes expanded energy delivery options of 11kW, 50kW, and 100 – 300kW to service fleets with a variety of dwell times and power needs.

Hevo Founder & CEO, Jeremy McCool, commented: “We are impressed with Lightning eMotors’ high-quality products and focus on innovation. Our collaboration will enable significant benefits for fleet operators seeking a more convenient and seamless charging experience. Busy drivers can forget to plug in, potentially creating the need for charging attendants. Cords can create a variety of operational challenges including OSHA and union safety concerns associated with wired devices. We believe this collaboration will establish the industry standard for charging EV fleets and provide a complete solution to customers seeking a wireless charging experience.”

The demonstration vehicle is scheduled to be available in Q1 of 2023.

This isn't the first charging news this year from Lightning eMotors, which announced a new mobile charging solution in July 2022. Earlier this year, Lightning eMotors launched EV telematics and charger management software. Lightning Insights includes a fleet management portal that tracks data in real time, such as vehicle location, state of charge, energy usage, efficiency, and vehicle health. Stay up-to-date with all Lightning eMotors and medim-duty truck news, sign up for Bobit Connect today!