Foxconn assumed manufacturing operations at its Ohio facility after completing an APA with...

Foxconn assumed manufacturing operations at its Ohio facility after completing an APA with Lordstown Motors.

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The vehicle electrification movement continues to make waves every day.

INDIEV recently signed an MOU with Foxconn to produce INDI One prototypes at Foxconn's Ohio facility. Plus, there are negotiations for future potential agreements currently ongoing.

Regarding the partnership, INDIEV founder and CEO Shi Hai said, "The INDI One is a unique vehicle and it demands the highest quality of automotive craftsmanship as well as consumer electronics manufacturing and engineering. Partnering with Foxconn, consumer electronics manufacturer, during this exciting time in their entry into electric vehicles means that INDI One drivers will lead the way into the future of personal transit."

"Our MOU with INDIEV marks the beginning of many more discussions to come regarding the future of EV manufacturing in Ohio. Throughout this process, Foxconn is confident in its Ohio workforce to manufacture quality prototypes that will help INDIEV achieve future success," said Foxconn Chief Product Officer Jerry Hsiao. 

Details of the potential collaboration, beyond the prototype build, will be disclosed later as both sides remain in negotiation.

Foxconn assumed manufacturing operations at its Ohio facility after completing an Asset Purchase Agreement ("APA") with Lordstown Motors Corp.The deal cost $230 and went into effect on May 18.

At present, the electric pickup truck production line in the facility has entered commercial production, and the tractor vehicle production line is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2023.

This MOU is the newest electric vehicle manufacturing opportunity confirmed for Foxconn following the closing of the APA, with the binding provision to build the INDI One prototype vehicles at Foxconn Ohio.

This MOU also serves as the first step toward delivering vehicles to customers for INDIEV, which began development of the INDI One in 2017, and revealed the vehicle publicly in October of 2021.

Work Truck also reported on Foxconn’s Ohio plant’s first two electric pickup trucks in October 2022. And it’s not the last. The company expects up to 500 more trucks to be produced between 2022 and the first half of 2023.

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