GreenPower’s technologies and products help fleet operators drive down fuel costs...

GreenPower’s technologies and products help fleet operators drive down fuel costs and maintenance costs.

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GreenPower Motor Company Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, electric-powered, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, announced that it has secured another 85 vouchers under the California HVIP program for 75 EV Star 22’ Cargo vans, eight EV Star Box Trucks and two EV Star 25’ Cargo vans.

GreenPower has also delivered 15 EV Stars to customers with vouchers under the New Jersey ZIP and California HVIP incentive programs this quarter with deliveries being scheduled for 55 EV Stars with existing vouchers. These sales are in addition to Workhorse and school bus sales

The 85 vouchers with the California HVIP program will benefit small fleet operators that often face multiple barriers to zero-emission truck adoption, including high upfront costs. What’s more, GreenPower’s innovative technologies and range of products will help fleet operators drive down fuel costs and minimize maintenance costs while providing outstanding reliability and efficiency. 

GreenPower recently secured additional vouchers from the New Jersey ZIP program. In July, New Jersey Economic Development Authority announced additional funding of $45 million as well as expanding eligibility to include heavy-duty vehicle classes, and expanding statewide, beyond the four pilot communities in the first phase.

“GreenPower’s EV Star 22-foot cargo van has quickly become our highest demand vehicle. Incentive programs offered by California where we have the second highest redemptions and New Jersey where we have the highest approved vouchers are making a difference with the adoption of all-electric vehicles,” Michael Perez said, vice president of school bus, contracts and grants at GreenPower. “With the existing vouchers we have a steady stream of deliveries of EV Stars to customers over the next couple of months. GreenPower remains committed to providing a better, cleaner and safer transportation future and has the knowledge and expertise in successfully working with incentive programs.”

GreenPower’s EV Star platform is a purpose-built, multi-utility, zero-emissions vehicle with a battery pack of 118 kWh providing a payload of up to 7,000 pounds and a range of 150 miles. The EV Star platform is used for a range of GreenPower passenger and cargo vehicles for mid and last-mile delivery needs and can charge up to 20 kW on a standard J1772 protocol or DC fast charge.

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