Car IQ Pay only requires the driver to enter pump number, add fuel, and drive away.  -  Photo: Car IQ

Car IQ Pay only requires the driver to enter pump number, add fuel, and drive away.

Photo: Car IQ

Car IQ announced that Sunoco will accept the company’s payment solution that will allow its fleet customers a way to purchase fuel without the need for a credit card.

Car IQ Pay will be live at nearly 5,000 Sunoco branded fuel locations nationwide by the end of summer 2022.

The company's proprietary technology allows any vehicle to communicate directly with the Sunoco pump via Carat by Fiserv, without the driver swiping a card, entering a PIN, or adding the odometer reading.

“We are excited to add Sunoco as a fuel partner, and allow fleet vehicles to connect directly to their pumps and pay for fuel. Sunoco gives our fleet customers more choice when it comes to purchasing fuel,” said Matt Nicholson, SVP, merchant commercialization, Car IQ. “Vehicle based payments solutions are reshaping how companies manage their business operations by tying vehicle data directly to the transaction and allowing the car to connect directly to the pump, giving fleet managers more control and visibility over their budget.”

Car IQ validates the vehicle when it arrives at a fueling location, then approves the source of funds, and turns on the pump without the use of a credit card. Once fueling is complete, Car IQ Pay enables the vehicle to pay for the fuel and verify the fuel was received. As the driver leaves the station, payment receipt is added to the vehicle’s real-time ledger for easy fleet expenditure management.

“In an increasingly digital world, the ability to create unified experiences is the new loyalty currency for consumers,” said Scott Mackay, VP, Carat and digital commerce, Fiserv. “By using the vehicle to simplify paying-at-the-pump, and digitally streamlining authentication and communication, we are helping Car IQ create a better experience for Sunoco customers.”