The Edison Energy Transportation Electrification team attended the ACT Expo in Long Beach,...

The Edison Energy Transportation Electrification team attended the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California.

Photo: Edison Energy

Edison Energy announced it has partnered with Sawatch Labs to help fleet owners achieve net zero goals, as they choose which vehicles to switch from gasoline and diesel to electric power.

Companies with fleets from varying sizes can benefit from a new level of detail in telematics data, courtesy of Sawatch’s minute-by-minute analysis. The data will help Edison Energy clients better budget, track, and time their conversion to EVs.

Sawatch Labs has helped clients identify EV replacement strategies. Additionally, Sawatch currently supports Xcel Energy’s Fleet Electrification Advisory Program and the U.S. Department of Energy’s EVWATTS program, and has partnered with Verizon Connect.

“We can make feasibility assessments and charging decisions easier as you work to meet an organization’s carbon and financial goals, while ensuring drivers’ needs are met,” said Meghan Weinman, managing director, transportation electrification at Edison Energy.

Sawatch and Edison recently worked together on a program, and Weinman said they are making their partnership official to provide an imrpoved experience for clients with any size fleet who want to make sure they are optimizing their investments in EVs.

“At Sawatch, we’re able to do a deep dive on real-time data and help clients optimize decision making on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis," said Matthew Helm, CEO/founder at Sawatch Labs. "Edison then provides a much broader analysis and can incorporate our results into a sustainability strategy and charging infrastructure implementation in order to meet transportation goals. They really take the client from simple vehicle recommendations to the ins and outs of an action plan. That’s a wonderful part of what we are now offering together.”

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