The new practice will serve the growing market of Fortune 500 companies to public agencies...

The new practice will serve the growing market of Fortune 500 companies to public agencies navigating the complexities of fleet electrification.

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With commercial fleets announcing plans for a massive shift to electric vehicles (EVs), Edison Energy has launched a new Electric Transportation Practice that will operate cross-functionally, serving Edison’s core offerings across sustainability and energy optimization while supporting all aspects of fleet electrification, from early-stage feasibility, fleet assessment, electric vehicle charger design and construction, and optimizing energy.

Meghan Weinman, who previously led transportation electrification strategy at Puget Sound Energy, will spearhead the new practice. Fleet electrification presents a largely untapped opportunity for the energy transition. In addition to these new offerings, Weinman will also be working closely with Bill Kenworthy, new VP of energy optimization, and Emily Williams, VP of strategy and sustainability, to integrate and expand the EV offering and further support clients’ development and implementation of holistic decarbonization and net-zero strategies.

Edison Energy’s clients looking to electrify fleets include:

  • Commercial and industrial customers who may have corporate sustainability goals while also gaining total-cost-of-ownership savings from EV fleet conversion savings. These fleets can be complex and dispersed across geographies, Edison Energy helps clients make strategic decisions on where to electrify first and plan for charging infrastructure.
  • Real estate owners looking to develop properties and attract tenants are installing charging stations as an on-site amenity. Edison Energy helps clients find utility incentives and streamline installation processes.
  • Municipal customers, who have aggressive sustainability goals, but may be fiscally sensitive to a large upfront capital investment in transportation electrification. Edison Energy works with these clients to align capital investments with fiscal planning.
  • Transit agencies and school districts typically have an electrification goal centered around zero-emissions vehicles and EV fleet conversion savings. Edison Energy explores vehicle incentives and rebates that can aid in their conversion to electric.
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