Trucker Path provides truck driver-centric mobility products.

Trucker Path provides truck driver-centric mobility products.

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Trucker Path announced the top 20 truck parking locations with the most parking availability.

Findings were based on real-time input from drivers using the Trucker Path app.

The top five locations based on parking availibilty percentage:

  • Huntington, Oregon (81.7)
  • Walcott, Iowa (77.2)
  • Tonopath, Arizona (72.9)
  • Prescott, Arkansas (69.7)
  • Orlando, Florida (68.3)
Trucker Path Lists Locations with Most Parking Availability

Photo: Trucker Path

"Truck drivers using the Trucker Path app are asked to share information about how many parking spaces are available at truck parking locations and other points of interest” said Chris Oliver, CMO at Trucker Path. “We simply ask them if there are many, some or no available parking spots available and they are happy to share because they know how much this information helps other drivers avoid stops that don’t have available parking, saving them time and making their trip more productive. It speaks volumes about our Trucker Path community and how they use our app to help out their fellow drivers.”

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