During a media event on January 25 at the Dutton Ranch, a vineyard in Sonoma County, Calif., Ford Pro allowed ride-alongs in the 2022 all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning. However, attendees were not allowed to drive the F-150 Lightning as this specific model is an early prototype, built in May 2021.  

The video, shot by fleet group editor Chris Brown, gives an idea of the instant torque of the F-150 Lightning, even going up a hill, how the truck handles one-pedal driving going down the same hill, the sound emitted by the mandated Acoustic Vehicle Warning System, and a visual idea of the size of the “frunk.” 

This model was the Lightning Pro version, aimed at fleet buyers, and wasn’t carrying payload.  

The Ford Lightning Pro has an MSRP of $39,974 for the standard range (with 426 hp) and $49,974 for the extended range (563 hp) — without federal and local incentives and rebates. 

First deliveries of the Ford F-150 Lightning will happen this spring.

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