EzFill is an on-demand mobile fuel delivery provider in Florida. It offers on-demand fuel...

EzFill is an on-demand mobile fuel delivery provider in Florida. It offers on-demand fuel delivery service to customers in three vertical segments: consumer, commercial, and specialty.

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EzFill Holdings, Inc., an on-demand mobile fueling company, announced it has purchased 33 additional fuel trucks.

The purchase more than triples the size of its delivery fleet and supports the expansion of its service offering in cities throughout Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Tampa ,and Orlando.

EzFill said it expects to take delivery of the new mobile fueling trucks during the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. Each truck will have the capacity to carry 1,200 gallons of fuel. This will collectively will add nearly 400,000 gallons of delivery capacity per week when all 33 trucks are fully utilized.

Additionally, EzFill plans to hire a number of new full-time drivers, along with other experienced personnel.

“We expect that the purchase of these 33 trucks, with delivery scheduled over the next two quarters, will enable us to expand our services throughout our home state of Florida and around the U.S.” said Mike McConnell, CEO of EzFill. “Fleet owners and consumers are continuing to reduce their reliance on traditional gas stations and turning to the convenience, cost-effectiveness, peace of mind and safety of mobile delivery to fuel their vehicles.”

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