ARS is a brand of American Residential Services, with more than 69 locations in 24 states...

ARS is a brand of American Residential Services, with more than 69 locations in 24 states nationwide.

Photo: ARS Rescue Rooter

Derive Systems, an automotive aftermarket technology company, announced August 17 the extension of its relationship with American Residential Services (ARS) Rescue Rooter, a network of plumbing and home and commercial heating and air conditioning businesses. ARS has trusted Derive since 2013 to support 3,500 fleet vehicles to positively reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption through engine calibration optimization.

A single deployment of Derive VQ Efficiency, which reduces the idle rate of a vehicle without impacting its ventilation or heating performance, on an individual ARS vehicle removes approximately 1,990 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually. When applied to their entire fleet of 3,500 vans, the resulting impact will be eliminating approximately 6.9 million lbs. of CO2 emissions per year. This is the equivalent of removing the emissions impact of 210 vans from the road.

The VQ platform’s core purpose is to deliver advanced mobility solutions to decrease fleet vehicles’ carbon emissions. On average, the Derive VQ Efficiency solution generates between 6% to 10% immediate fuel savings per vehicle while simultaneously implementing speed thresholds on the engine itself.

Derive’s VQ platform calibrates engines for better fuel efficiency, provides enhanced telematics for more significant savings, and shifts safety compliance from the driver to the vehicle.

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