The ruggedly designed solution addresses pain points fleets may have experienced with initial...

The ruggedly designed solution addresses pain points fleets may have experienced with initial ELD deployments.

Photo: Getac

Getac Technology Corporation and Pedigree Technologies announced on June 9 a joint ELD (Electronic Logging Device) solution combining Getac’s rugged Android Tablet and dock, Model ZX70, with Pedigree’s Cab-Mate ELD and other in-cab solutions. For enterprises that are challenged with tablet failures, missing data, or inconsistent connectivity, Getac and Pedigree have paired up to bring long-term reliability to trucking fleets.

Plumbing the Pain Points

“A significant chunk of our ELD business comes from enterprises who were disappointed with their early ELD investment”, said Wade Wilson, CEO of Pedigree. “Customers told us about consumer tablet issues including USB connector failures, short-lived batteries, and inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity."

This joint solution is directly connected with the truck to address connectivity delays and missing data often seen with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offerings. “As soon as the truck is turned on and moves, ELD data is logged regardless of connectivity,” explained Wilson.

Powered by Android, the ZX70 supports Android’s standardized Google Play applications and is available with various docks and mounts for in-cab deployment in all sizes of trucks.


Designed and manufactured right down to the chassis, the ZX70 is engineered to survive six-foot drops, shocks, rain, vibration, and dust. It operates at extreme temperatures, from -6°F to 140°F, and will work after being submerged in 1 meter of water. The ZX70 also offers optional certifications for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Outdoor Extendibility

Verified by Google as an Android enterprise recommended rugged device the ZX70 is also ideal for out-of-truck mobile productivity. Along with one-handed operation, this seven-inch display features Getac’s sunlight-readable touchscreen technology, LumiBond 2.0, offering better contrast and crisper colors. It comes with a hard-tip stylus and supports touch, glove, or pen modes and provides great battery run time.

Pedigree’s ELD Cab-Mate offering was developed with intense customer feedback, including budget and application requirements. Built on the OneView platform, it supports a full suite of comprehensive tools from ELD, IFTA, DVIR, and workorders to equipment health and driver safety solutions including cameras.