In one year Goodyear's completely tire management system have actively monitored more than...

In one year Goodyear's completely tire management system have actively monitored more than 450,000 vehicles and nearly 4 million tires.

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In one year, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's Complete Tire Management tools have inspected nearly 4 million tires, helping fleets proactively identify potential tire issues and improve overall fleet operations.

These Complete Tire Management solutions include Goodyear Tire Optix, Goodyear TPMS Plus and Goodyear CheckPoint, all of which monitor conditions like tire pressure, temperature and treadwear and alert fleets to irregularities so they can prevent a roadside breakdown.

\While some of these tools have been in the market for several years, the company officially relaunched as a collective offering called Goodyear Complete Tire Management at its North America Customer Conference in February of last year.

“As professional truck drivers work overtime amid COVID-19 to keep the supply chain moving, fleets have depended on Goodyear’s Complete Tire Management to protect their tire investments and keep drivers on the road, safely,” said Johnny McIntosh, Goodyear’s director, Integrated Solutions and Tire Management. “Goodyear Complete Tire Management has identified nearly 400,000 potential tire issues like underinflation or worn tread in its flagship year, helping fleets quickly address areas of concern before they lead to larger problems like irregular tire wear or damage. These services have saved fleets both time and money.”

Complete Tire Management is one of three pillars in Goodyear’s Total Mobility offering for fleets, along with the company’s trusted products and premier service network across North America. Currently, three Goodyear Complete Tire Management solutions are available in the market:

  • Goodyear Tire Optix. This digital inspection toolset helps fleets quickly and accurately detect critical tire data, such as tire pressure, tread depth and tire wear conditions. With real-time alerts and detailed inspection results, Goodyear Tire Optix helps fleets optimize their long-term tire performance.
  • Goodyear CheckPoint. The drive-over reader device provides automated inspections of tire pressure and tread depth. Positioned at a fleet yard entrance, this in-ground device scans passing trucks and triggers alerts to fleet maintenance if there are any immediate tire concerns that require attention. This solution enables large numbers of vehicles to be inspected efficiently and offers a frequently updated snapshot of tire health.
  • Goodyear TPMS Plus. This on-vehicle, active monitoring system evaluates tire conditions in real-time using Goodyear’s unique, fleet-specific algorithms. TPMS Plus helps fleets identify critical issues, such as tire air leaks and high temperatures, while also providing predictive tire maintenance analytics to help reduce tire related roadside breakdowns.
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