Hino Trucks’ complete product line of Class 4 and 5 cabover, and Class 6 and 7 conventional trucks are now approved to use up to B-20 biodiesel.

All 2011 and 2012 model-year cabover and conventional trucks powered exclusively with Hino’s proprietary J-Series engines are approved to use biodiesel B-20 blends that contain biofuel blend stock (B-100) compliant to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6751, and blended fuel compliant to ASTM D975. B-20 biodiesel meeting these standards is also approved for use in Hino’s newly announced diesel-electric hybrid cab over due to enter the market late this fall.

“It is our strong commitment to design and assemble trucks that are at the forefront of environmental friendliness and that help to reduce our overall dependency on foreign oils,” said Glenn Ellis, Vice President of Marketing and Dealer Operations for Hino Trucks. Hino offers the only class 6 and 7 conventional truck to meet the stringent 2010 EPA emission requirements without the use of credits. “By offering the Class 4 and 5 market a diesel-electric hybrid cabover that can use up to B-20 biodiesel, our customers now have an option for a commercially acceptable alternative fuel truck,” added Ellis.

Hino trucks built prior to the 2011 model-year are approved to use B-5 biodiesel. All biodiesel fuels used in Hino trucks must be purchased from a fuel handler licensed under BQ9000.