ELKHART, IN - In response to demand from larger regional and national fleets for cost-effective commercial caps for pickup trucks, LEER parent Truck Accessories Group, LLC recently tripled its production capacity for aluminum caps, adding new operations in Elkhart, Ind., and Woodland, Calif., to its existing aluminum plant in Milford, Pa. The result promises to deliver a new level of service, quality, cost-efficiency and choice to the thousands of fleet managers who upfit millions of pickup trucks each year.   

The LEER expansion gives national and regional fleets an advantage by enabling them to specify the LEER DCC cap that fits their requirements, and have the same product built under exacting specifications at three different locations.  Throughput is greatly accelerated, while transportation distances are shortened and shipping costs are greatly reduced.  Once fabrication is complete, the benefits continue, with installation and service support available from the industry's only true coast-to-coast Dealer/Installer network.  Every step of the way, from bidding, through manufacturing and installation, the coordination of contracts of national scope is in the hands of an experienced and dedicated LEER fleet specialist, Granville Dennison, National Fleet Sales Manager. 

While the LEER DCC aluminum cap still tackles the toughest commercial jobs, LEER has seen growing interest in its new line of fiberglass commercial caps.  These caps (LEER models 100RCC and 180CC) use augmented lamination specs for strength and durability, and offer commercial-grade lock, tool box, side door, ladder-rack, lighting, storage and security options.  When combined with LEER aerodynamic custom-fit fiberglass designs and base-coat clearcoat automotive-quality paint mixed to match truck manufacturers' formulas, the fiberglass commercial caps are ideal for the lighter-duty field assignments of jobsite supervisors, service technicians and others who need to create a good impression while on the road. 

With so many choices for commercial and fleet customers, LEER has spent extra effort organizing resources to help commercial customers make smart choices.  LEER has produced informative print and electronic presentations that lead a prospective commercial customer through the decision-making process, showing all the commercial cap options in a clear and logical way.  LEER has also established fast-track inquiry, bid and quote handling to expedite responses to fleet prospects.   

Fleet buyers also have access to the new LEER Web site dedicated to commercial products, www.leerfleet.com. This fresh, interactive site enables fleet customers to explore every aspect of LEER commercial products in pictures and text, and gives them free use of an online tool so they can select all the features and options they want as they "build their own LEER."  The result is a clear definition of the LEER cap that will do the job - complete with specifications that allows LEER to construct a custom price quote.

Commercial cap customers and fleet managers who want to take advantage of LEER product quality, regionalized cost-efficiency, coast-to-coast Dealer/Installer support, and the latest in informational tools, can contact Granville Dennison (phone 574-540-9776; email granvilled@truckgroup.com) or visit the LEER fleet Web site at www.leerfleet.com.