-  Photos: Getty, Hino, Ford

Photos: Getty, Hino, Ford

When it comes to articles, education is the name of the game. Fleet managers are looking for features that help them understand a topic, such as tires or PTOs better. They want tips on how to maintain their trucks and details on how to store diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

It’s evident from looking at our top most read articles on www.worktruckonline.com in 2019, the top goal for today's fleet manager is improvement – professional and fleet-related.

Work Truck’s Top 10 articles in 2019, as of Dec. 1:

  1. All About Truck Tires: Load Ratings, Sizes & More
    Tires are more than “where the rubber meets the road,” and understanding sizes, load ratings, why ply no longer matters, and more is important for today’s fleet managers. By Lauren Fletcher
  2. CBD Oils May Result in DOT-Testing Violation
    Use of THC is forbidden for a regulated driver, no matter the source. As a result, medical and recreational marijuana and some CBD oils, even if legal under state law, are federally banned. By Kathy Close
  3. How to Purchase, Store & Handle Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    Diesel engine vehicles can be damaged by using low quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Repairs can be very expensive with long downtime possible, and damage could void the manufacturer’s warranty. By Jeff Harmening
  4. Designing the 2020 Silverado HD with Fleet in Mind
    The heavy-duty segment is an important segment for General Motors. While designing the 2020 Silverado HD, GM made sure to take in fleet input and parlay that input into features that made it into the final product. By Eric Gandarilla
  5. Ford's New 7.3L Engine & Standard PTO
    More power, more options, and enhanced features are making the 2020 Ford Super Duty lineup more capable than ever. By Lauren Fletcher
  6. Top Maintenance Best Practices for Medium-Duty Trucks
    Keeping a work truck properly maintained is a key component in the effort to keep downtime to a minimum and costs low. By Shelley Ernst
  7. Q&A: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America's President
    Three years have passed since ICTA named its first American president. During that time a new truck has launched and the truckmaker has continued to build on its success. By Lauren Fletcher
  8. The Future of Medium-Duty Truck Engines
    The medium-duty truck market is healthy, ready for continued growth, and currently impacted by several outside factors including emissions regulations and fleet needs. By Lauren Fletcher
  9. Hino Focuses on Growth
    The traditionally medium-duty truck maker has been busy, with the launch of a new series, tech partnerships, and a new North American president & CEO. By Lauren Fletcher
  10. How to Choose the Right PTO
    Vocational fleets depend on a power take-off (PTO) to get their hardest jobs done efficiently. Choosing the right unit and maintaining this vital piece of equipment is essential. By Lauren Fletcher

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