Retail pickup sales were stronger in October than a year ago.

Retail pickup sales were stronger in October than a year ago.

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The valuation analysts at Kelley Blue Book today reported the estimated average transaction price for a light vehicle was $38,259 in October. Overall new-vehicle prices increased $1,064 (up 2.9%) from October 2018, while decreasing $141 (0.4%) from September.   

Manufacturers are focusing incentive programs on the increasingly competitive utility segments, helping make those vehicles more affordable to consumers. Trucks have shown the most strength of any segment with full-size trucks up 3%, while midsize pickups rose 6%, aided by new and redesigned models. 

"Average transaction prices were generally favorable for most automakers, as the industry average climbed 3% year-over-year, partially due to the shifting sales mix from cars to trucks and SUVs," said Tim Fleming, analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "However, car prices did grow by 2% in October, their biggest improvement in nearly a year."

Segment Oct. 2019 Transaction Price Avg. Sept. 2019 Transaction Price Avg. 2018 Transaction Price (Avg.)* Percent Change September 2019 to October 2019* Percent Change Oct. 2018- Oct. 2019

Full-size Pickup Truck
$51,036 $50,978 $49,467 0.10% 3.20%

Full-size SUV/Crossover
$63,501 $63,145 $63,120 0.60% 0.60%

Luxury Full-size SUV/Crossover
$88,726 $88,804 $87,473 -0.10% 1.40%

Luxury Mid-size SUV/Crossover
$59,094 $60,291 $56,286 -2.00% 5.00%

Mid-size Pickup Truck
$35,744 $36,068 $33,732 -0.90% 6.0%

Mid-size SUV/Crossover
$39,780 $39,652 $39,090 0.30% 1.80%

$35,196 $35,057 $35,380 0.40% -0.50%

$35,881 $36,176 $34,643 -0.80% 3.60%

*Kelley Blue Book average transaction prices do not include applied consumer incentives

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