Ready Truck has a wide array of completed garbage trucks, in stock and ready for immediate...

Ready Truck has a wide array of completed garbage trucks, in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

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Heil, part of Environmental Solutions Group and Dover, now offers the growing Ready Truck Program, a business model aimed to alleviate issues caused by delays in the production and delivery of new garbage trucks.

Larry Angel, general manager for Ready Truck, has a lifetime of experience in the waste industry, both in the solid waste business, as well as his decade-long tenure with Heil. 

"Waste haulers, whether private, public or municipal, don't have the luxury of waiting months for a truck. If you have a new contract, or have lost a truck due to an accident or fire, patience just isn't an option. If they aren't able to get a truck on the route within a short period of time, the impact to their bottom line can be substantial. The Heil Ready Truck Program enables us to deliver the trucks our customers need, when and where they need them."

Ready Truck has a wide array of completed garbage trucks, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. For customers in immediate need of a vehicle with specifications not reflected in their stock inventory, Ready Truck has that covered as well. Angel explains, "With vehicles always in production at the factory, we are able to modify a build, but delivery is then based on standard factory throughput. Customers needing product right now are encouraged to choose from our wide assortment of configured vehicles ready to ship."

As an added bonus over and above the quick delivery time frames, according to the company, Ready Truck's volume purchasing can actually save their customers money as well. "We are one of the largest chassis purchasers in the United States. Many people have become aware that we are able to provide trucks very quickly, but when they find out that we pass our volume pricing on to the end user, it makes dealing with Ready Truck a no-brainer," Angel added.

"We've dealt with numerous other body companies over the years and made the decision to switch to all Heil® in 2014. We've had nothing but great success, and I wish we'd have done it years before. Their delivery timeframes are fast, the bodies are extremely well made and hold up very well. If we were ever in a jam, I know they'd bend over backwards to accommodate us. Everything they do is top notch, I can tell you that as long as I am here, we'll never deal with another body company," said Chris Knight, Waste Management Director for The City of Stillwater, Okla.

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