Acadian Ambulance Service, the largest employee-owned ambulance service in the U.S., has deployed the SmartDrive video-based safety program across its entire fleet.

Acadian selected the SmartDrive solution following a thorough competitive review and head-to-head pilot program. “Because of the emergency nature of our business, our drivers are inherently placed in dangerous situations. As a result, we have a company culture focused on continually improving safety throughout our fleet,” said Neil Davis, Acadian safety director. “We strive to remain at the forefront of our life-saving industry by creating systems and designs to get us to the next level in every aspect of our operation. SmartDrive is the next level of safety for us and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Since 1971, Acadian Companies has been dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency medical care and transportation possible. Recognized within the emergency medical services sector for its commitment to safety within its 1,000-vehicle fleet, Acadian balances the requirement for urgent response and transport with a longstanding dedication to safe driving.

Acadian relies on the SmartDrive system’s dashboards to quickly identify which drivers need help, speeding the time to coaching and allowing fleet managers to create an individualized plan to improve safety. Since implementing the SmartDrive program, Acadian has experienced significant improvements in key safety metrics, including a 90% increase in seatbelt usage, 95% fewer instances of drivers talking on mobile phones, and a 90% reduction in texting while driving. 

In addition to aiming to reduce the number of devices on the vehicle, Acadian sought to minimize costs associated with installing, maintaining and training on a multitude of different technologies. The SmartDrive system, which enables the integration and operation of applications from a single data collection platform, unlocks efficiency gains for fleets across routes, drivers and risk.

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