The ESR2000 electric tarping system gives haulers the opportunity to maximize load types and...

The ESR2000 electric tarping system gives haulers the opportunity to maximize load types and increase revenue on return trips.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Tarps

Mountain Tarp has expanded its tarp line with the ESR2000, an electric side-to-side lock and roll tarping system for dump bodies.

The waterproof ESR2000 kit includes a heavy-duty electric motor, one-button open and close controls, and a reinforced aluminum front arm with spring assembly. Available in direct-drive or chain-drive motor assembly, it is ideal for use in grain hauling applications, but permits haulers to use one tarp for a variety of applications, from agriculture to coal and coal ash to rocks and construction materials, affording them the opportunity to maximize load types and increase revenues on return trips.  The ESR2000 comes with a more powerful engine than competing tarp brands, and, because of its use of synthetic oil, boasts better performance in cold weather areas.

The tarp system's simple design, with fewer mechanisms and straightforward OEM or aftermarket installation processes, can be installed by a novice in less than four hours. In the event of a repair or part replacement, the ESR2000’s arms, springs and component parts are compatible with any type of side-mount spring system, allowing users to stock fewer replacement parts. Its component-based design also means that users can replace parts rather than a full arm. The standard motor slide coupler enables users to disengage the motor to manually roll the tarp over using a hand crank if the electrical power is unavailable or the system fails in the field.

The ESR2000 can be serviced at any of Mountain Tarps’ service facilities, based in Houston, Akron, Cincinnati, and eastern and southern Kentucky, or repairs may be done on-site with Mountain Tarps' mobile repair trucks if located within a 250-mile radius of a service center. It comes standard with a one-year all inclusive warranty and a three-year non-prorated motor warranty. It is available now through OEMs, dealers and Mountain Tarp direct sales.