Platform Science, a cutting edge fleet management solution provider, has partnered with Drivewyze to connect their revolutionary open platform with the nation's largest weigh station bypass service. Using modern mobile software and hardware technologies, the partners have joined forces to bring one of the most innovative and value-enhancing solutions to fleets and drivers.

Platform Science’s future-first integrated solutions enable customers and developers to access valuable transportation data in context, and in real-time. The company’s open platform is designed to equip customers with the flexibility and control to easily integrate innovative third-party applications, such as Drivewyze’ weigh station bypass service.

Drivewyze provides automated bypasses to participating trucks approaching highway weigh stations, allowing drivers to remain in motion rather than waiting at roadside scales. Weigh station stops result in decreased asset utilization for fleets and reduced pay for drivers.

By allowing trucks to bypass scales, Drivewyze enables drivers to deliver loads at a faster rate while maximizing paid driving time. The company’s hands-free technology directly notifies drivers of inspection sites. This improves road safety for everyone by keeping driver’s hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, reducing lane changes, and eliminating the need to merge back into busy freeways from a weigh station.

The implementation of Drivewyze’ application is a living example of Platform Science’s mission to provide the transportation and logistics industry with more control to configure solutions they believe are essential for their businesses today, and the capacity to continue to develop solutions for the future.