BOLT Locks are now available for Ram ProMaster vans.
Photo courtesy of BOLT Lock -

BOLT Locks are now available for Ram ProMaster vans.

Photo courtesy of BOLT Lock

BOLT Lock has extended its product line to include locks for 2018 Ram ProMaster Vans.

Designed to work specifically with the center cut keys of ProMaster Vans, the durable precision locks offer convenience and security to contractors and commercial fleets.  

Receiver Locks, Coupler Pin Locks, Padlocks, Cable Locks and Off-Vehicle Coupler Locks that can be used to secure trailers and other gear are the initial offerings in BOLT's RAM ProMaster Van line.

The Coupler Pin Lock and Receiver Locks can be used together to prevent a trailer from being stolen off from the tow vehicle, while an Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock protects a trailer from being stolen when not attached to a tow vehicle when left at a worksite.

Cable locks secure expensive equipment to trailers or ladders to ladder racks on the top of the utility van.

Padlocks used to lock temporary fencing around worksites provide a robust defense against picking, giving workers ease of mind when leaving the site. In addition, contractors and fleets will benefit from the ease of use BOLT Lock offers because workers will no longer have to search through keyrings in order to find a specific key for each lock they use.

Each BOLT lock is permanently programmed to the ignition key the very first time the key is inserted into the specially made lock cylinder. Patented technology allows the cylinder to be uniquely coded with the help of spring-loaded plate tumblers which are specific to each ignition key.

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