Muncie Power Products’ new power take-off option – Muncie Start – reduces startup torque for high-inertia loads, allowing for a smooth engagement of the PTO.

Unlike traditional systems with an unmodulated clutch, Muncie Start operates via modulation of the clutch, allowing for high-inertia loads to be eased into engagement as opposed to being slammed.

Muncie Start eliminates torque spikes through the power take-off, truck drivetrain, and mounted auxiliary equipment upon startup, resulting in increased life of the power take-off and driven mechanical components. The PTO option also prevents engine stalls at low engagement RPM.

The option is currently available for Muncie Power’s FR6Q Series power take-offs but will be applicable for other clutch shift PTO models soon. A power take-off with the Muncie Start solution has the same casting and installation as that of a PTO within the same family without the option.  

Muncie Start is suited for applications such as blowers, vacuum pumps, water pumps, compressors, and generators.