Toyo Tires introduced a new light-duty truck tire for vocational fleet applications.   -  Photo: Toyo Tires | Work Truck

Toyo Tires introduced a new light-duty truck tire for vocational fleet applications. 

Photo: Toyo Tires | Work Truck

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. is launching the all-new Toyo M655TM sizes for commercial light truck tire applications. According to the manufacturer, built to withstand demanding conditions, the M655 on-/off-road tires provide confident traction under heavy load on unimproved roads for mining, energy, agriculture, construction, and forestry use.

Additionally, each tire carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) designation for all-weather traction.

The M655 will be available starting in April 2024.

What's New with the M655 Truck Tire? 

The M655 is built for longevity with resistance to cuts and chips, sidewall impacts, and irregular wear. It features specialized cap and base compounds, plus a thick and sturdy sidewall providing a well-rounded combination of durability and performance. The specialized compounds deliver reliable protection against cuts and chips on unimproved roads, as well as heat-resistance that withstands stresses under load enhancing the tire's longevity and resilience.

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In addition, a thick and sturdy sidewall comes equipped with an extra buttress that protects against cuts and abrasions, bolstering the tire's overall durability. Moreover, the tire is engineered for maximum removal miles with E-balance technology to minimize tread profile growth and maintain uniformity throughout its lifespan. Further reinforcing its robust design, saddle notches and stone ejectors work in tandem to shield the casing while fortifying the tread blocks, ensuring consistent performance and longevity even in challenging driving conditions.

All-weather traction is facilitated by a wide contact patch and deep tread which not only ensures reliable grip but also promotes even, long wear over time. The Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol instills confidence when navigating through snow and ice-covered roads. Additionally, the inclusion of waved sipes contributes to its superior grip in diverse weather conditions. For added versatility in icy conditions, the tire is pinned to readily accept TSMI #15 studs, ensuring optimal traction and safety on slippery surfaces.

“The new light truck sizes are a great addition to the Toyo M655 power lineup.” said David Demo, product manager, commercial truck tires, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “They are designed to support vehicles that encounter extreme on-/off-road conditions, while leaving the driver feeling confident that they will complete the job.”

The new M655 light truck tire sizes will be produced in 17- and 18-inch wheel diameters. Popular fitments include the:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500
  • Ford E-Series
  • Ford F-250/F-350
  • Ram series 

The growing range in sizes for the M655 now provide a comprehensive solution for both light and medium truck mixed-service fleets. In addition to the new light truck sizes, the existing M655 medium truck 19.5-inch size, and future medium truck 22.5- and 24.5-inch sizes (coming late 2024) will provide an all-encompassing solution for demanding conditions.