Elgin Sweeper introduced a single-engine configuration of its popular Crosswind regenerative air sweeper used for cleaning large, paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. A variable-speed device installed between the chassis engine and transmission on the new configuration allows the engine to simultaneously power both the truck and the sweeper.

The new Crosswind allows the operator to switch between modes with a simple push of a button on the fly, without the need to stop. According to Higgins, the new sweeper is very easy to operate, with minimal training required compared to prior designs.

Elgin Sweeper invested significant dollars and several years of research developing the new single-engine Crosswind before offering pre-production models to customers for field tests. 

Because the chassis engine on the new Crosswind operates under a higher load, it minimizes particulate matter buildup that would require active regeneration to burn off. The time-consuming and costly maintenance checks, after-treatments and additional service requirements associated with an auxiliary engine are eliminated on the single-engine Crosswind. Downtime and expenses are drastically reduced with only one set of engine maintenance requirements.

For more information on the single-engine Crosswind sweeper, or to find an Elgin Sweeper dealer, please visit www.elginsweeper.com.