Rear View Safety has introduced a backup camera system designed specifically for Chevrolet City Express Cargo Vans. 

The RVS-924718-CE Backup Camera System for Chevy City Express Vans includes a color 4.3″ rear view replacement mirror monitor with distance grid lines. The 4.3″ monitor is placed to the left of the mirror and is also a highly reflective surface. In addition, the system includes a camera which mounts right underneath the City Express third brake light for a factory-like install. Most noteworthy, the monitor has a bracket designed specifically for the Chevy City Express. The system is compatible with models 2017 and onward.

Features include: 

  • Mirror monitor with 4.3″ display
  • Camera mounts under third brake light for factory like install
  • Distance grid lines for backing up reference170° ultra-wide viewing angle and excellent night vision
  • Completely waterproof camera – IP68

The company prides itself in being able to help businesses of all sizes improve safety. From cargo vans and pickup trucks to semi-trailers and industrial vehicles, and everything in between, the company outfits for all needs.