The Ancra International Vers-A-Deck is designed to provide the benefits of traditional captive decking systems with improved versatility.

The low profile Vers-A-Deck Beam has a working load limit rating of 3,000 pounds. This allows a cargo weight rating of 750-pounds per beam so a decking position with four beams can support 3,000 pounds of cargo weight.

When not in use, the low profile beams are stored near the ceiling and provide added forklift clearance. The Vers-A-Deck Beams are also designed to be easy to maintain and repair to reduce downtime. Additionally, the high-strength design of the beams can prevent them from jamming in the track if accidentally hit by a forklift.

With the flexibility to use both Vers-A-Deck Beams or E Beams in the same track, deck heights can be adjusted to accommodate loads of different sizes with E beams inserted where needed. This can increase load average and reduce damage claims by avoiding double stacking of freight.