VT Hackney has extended its aluminum shelving line to include Sprinter van models, targeting the plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractor markets.

Standard kits are available for quick delivery and installation but modifications can be requested to better accommodate an operator’s business. Hackney’s aluminum shelving is lightweight and adjustable, designed to hold Hackney’s storage trays or tools.

Driver side and passenger side kits can be purchased separately or as one package with top shelf storage for ladders and pipe. Introductory packages provide open areas for bulky items such as hot water heaters.

Hackney shelving can be purchased directly from Hackney or through a Sprinter dealer.  Hackney will offer flexible installation options, including detailed instructions for end-user installation or Hackney factory installation.  For Sprinter factory ordered vans, Hackney will also offer a ship-through option allowing customers to have their shelving installed as soon as the van rolls off the line. This option reduces both customer lead time and freight charges.