EZ Stack Drawer Units 

EZ Stack Drawer Units

EZ STAK Drawer Units provide an efficient storage solution for a fleet’s various tools and parts.

200- and 500-lb. slides, 100% extension slides – maximum item storage available through the EZ STAK design department. These heavy-duty slides provide an excellent weight load capacity coupled with unique design with attention to detail, rolling in and out on a top quality drawer slide system, according to the company.

Aluminum design – lightweight, yet robust construction design. The engineering and design built into each part to enhance its structural capabilities provides an obvious superior choice over steel products, according to the company.

EZ Handle System – designed for the end-user to be able to open the drawer with very little effort using one hand.

Adjustable divider systems – useful and effective in separating parts and tools as required by its users.

Hardware – all EZ STAK hardware is selected with durability and longevity in mind. Stainless steel is the metal of choice with respect to any exterior hardware applications.

Easy install – The ability to assemble and install with ease into a vehicle is designed inherently into the EZ STAK drawer system.

Parts and product availability – EZ STAK maintains an adequate quantity of parts and products to fit quick requirements from its clients. Each product is subject to a quality control inspection subsequent to it being built on the assembly line. Each part being used is subject to scrutiny for quality and consistency. All sheet aluminum material is North American product.

Design assistance – EZ STAK assists clients as required in designing a workable drawer fit for their service body by using Solid Works, an advanced Solid modeling program. This process ensures a practical, virtual picture of what the desired drawer unit will look like.

Modular fit – product is designed to fit in all different applications, therefore allowing the client to select different combinations of drawers to achieve a practical and efficient drawer system.

Powder-coating process – clients have the option of a powder-coating process if required or an aluminum mill finish. Both provide an attractive-looking finished project, according to the company.