TeleSwivel brand proximity hitches announced a partnership with Advanced Engineering Group, LLC (AEG) to integrate TeleSwivel with AEG's OneMount system.  The TeleSwivel-OneMount combination is an industry-first proximity hitch with accessories to connect virtually every type of bumper pull trailer in use today.
TeleSwivel hitching systems extend and swivel to give drivers a target zone that is up to 25 times larger than atraditional hitch to connect the trailer coupler to the truck. TeleSwivel users can get close and move the hitch, rather than repeatedly repositioning the vehicle, or worse, trying to muscle a heavy trailer onto the hitch. TeleSwivel's larger target area enables safer connections, usually on the first-pass, and reduces the excessive idling that wastes fuel and time.
"Our customers use TeleSwivel to improve safety and efficiency while cutting costs," said Dave Woolf, CEO of Williams Innovations. "Combining TeleSwivel's capability with OneMount accessories provides a flexible system for consumers and fleet users who need to connect to different types of trailers."
TeleSwivel 210 and 310 Accessory Channel hitches are rated to 10,000 lbs. and 14,000 lbs respectively and handle tongue weights of 1,000 lb.s and 1,400 lbs. The Accessory Channel accepts a Dual Ball with Pintle capture on either ball and 2 sizes of Ball-Pintle combo hitches (2 inch and 2 5/16 inch), standard Dual Ball, and Clevis hitch (pictured below).  The channel assembly reverses to provide 10 inches of height adjustment with tool free operation.
AEG's CEO, Bryan Fletcher, commented that "we are excited to partner with Williams Innovations to launch the most robust hitching system in the industry. This partnership is a perfect match of industry-leading technologies, and our customers will get a lot of benefit from this collaboration."