Rumber offers the truck industry a wide variety of strong and highly durable products manufactured from 100 percent recycled tire rubber and plastics. Rumber boards are available in varying lengths and widths that are used as substitutes for wood or plastic. Rumber's versatile composite material can also be used to create products through injection or compression molding, extrusion, or pressing into sheets. Rumber products benefits and features include:

  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Stronger than wood and other composites
  • Impervious to fluids mud, oil, and UV rays
  • Insect and termite proof
  • Will not crack, rot or split (no splinters)
  • Cushions payload
  • Have a traction surface that increases safety
  • Can be cut with a saw
  • Easily installed
  • Easy to clean

Lowest Cost - Bottom Line: Unprecedented durability and features that clearly out-perform other materials result in less down-time, fewer replacement costs, and extended life for Rumber products.


Examples of Rumber product applications for the truck industry include Truck Beds.

Rumber truck beds are exceptionally strong and durable, easy to clean, able to withstand drastic temperature changes, cushion payloads, and outlast all others without cracking, warping or rotting.