Upfit Ford Super Duty Trucks were on display at SEMA, spotlighting a variety of options available for these vehicles to cross the line from work to play and back again.

The following are the highlights of the upfit Ford Super Duty trucks:

Ford F-350 from Cars by Kris Walks a Line between Gritty and Luxury

  • Powertrain modifications include a Banks Power Ram-Air Intake, Straight-Shot Water-Methanol Injection System and iQ Man-Machine Interface. Diesel exhaust is carried by MagnaFlow custom pipes.
  • Carli Suspension upgrades to the chassis handle 22-inch, eight-lug wheels from American Force Wheels with tires from Toyo Tires.
  • Custom upholstery with hexagon stitched seats, painted interior accents and custom floor mats.

Called the High Roller, the team at Cars by Kris installed Banks Power performance products and MagnaFlow exhaust systems for the 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine providing more power and improved fuel efficiency. The High Roller’s chassis has modifications from Carli Suspension and 22-inch eight-lug wheels from American Force Wheels that are wrapped in Open Country tires from Toyo Tires. The interior of the High Roller has custom upholstery with hexagon stitching on the seats and custom gauges. The cabin has also been given upgrades from QuietRIDE Solutions to reduce the amount of noise inside.

Ford F-350 Goes Off the Grid with EcoTrek


  • TransferFlow 50-gallon tank under the bed of the truck and removable 75-gallon tank in the bed.
  • Can run on diesel, biodiesel or algae-based biodiesel.
  • 9-inch lift from Bulletproof Suspension with aftermarket shocks and springs.

EcoTrek estimates a range of up to 1,800 miles per tank, and the truck can run on diesel, biodiesel, algae-based biodiesel or any combination of those fuels. It also has a rooftop shelter, refrigerator, stoves and flexible solar panels that allow it to be used in some of the most rugged locations. The 6.7L V-8 diesel engine has an ample supply of fuel with Transfer Flow fuel tanks stored under and in the bed of the truck. A 9-inch lift from Bulletproof Suspension with aftermarket shocks and springs has been installed on the chassis. Twenty-inch BMF Wheels have the option of being mounted with one set of BFGoodrich Tires for the street and another set for off-road adventures. The interior has lockable storage cabinets as well as sleeping bags, backpacks and apparel. A custom sliding shelf has also been installed for the locking storage.

Ford F-250 from Hulst Customs is Working for the Weekend


  • Banks Power performance upgrades, including a Monster Exhaust and water-methanol injection systems.
  • 22-inch wheels from American Rebel MFG and tires from Falken Tire.
  • Two-tone leather interior from Katzkin Leather with custom-painted panels and chrome accents.

Called the Striker, the team from Hulst Customs created a truck that boasts quality and style with upgrades to the powertrain via Banks Power. It’s also been equipped with 22-inch wheels from American Rebel MFG. wrapped in tires from Falken Tire. The two-tone leather interior is matched with custom-painted black panels and chrome accents.