Geotab has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Navistar’s OnCommand Web Service to offer a single remote diagnostic portal. Through the OnCommand Connection proprietary portal, customers can more efficiently manage their fleets through an integrated vehicle service monitoring system that connects fleets, dealers, Navistar’s Technical Service and OnCommand Repair Advocate, according to the companies. The ONCOMMAND Portal gets real-time vehicle information from the Geotab GO6 in-vehicle hardware device and sends the data to the OnCommand web servers.    

The Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) is utilized by Navistar to send vehicle diagnostics information to the Navistar OnCommand Web Service. The Geotab In-Vehicle platform has the ability to process data from a variety of vehicle systems including the engine and transmission as well as other electronic systems tied into the vehicles electronic control unit (ECM).

With this partnership our customers will be able to react to maintenance and repair issues, which will help to keep their fleets on the road. This service will expedite repairs, and help with warranty issues while reducing downtime and roadside breakdowns.