One Nexus Group is now offering additional services for fleet dealerships. - Photo: One Nexus Group

One Nexus Group is now offering additional services for fleet dealerships.

Photo: One Nexus Group

One Nexus Group has acquired commercial and fleet dealership training provider Commercial Truck Training. One Nexus said this development aims to enhance its portfolio of services available to commercially focused dealers in the US.

Commercial Truck Training Leadership

Founded by Ken Taylor, also known as ‘America’s Corporate & Personal Coach,’ Commercial Truck Training has been dedicated to dealer sales training since 1989. Will Brogan, VP of operations at Commercial Truck Training, has also joined the One Nexus team. The duo brings a wealth of expertise and resources and will be channeling their efforts on training commercial dealers to enhance their sales skills, One Nexus said.

Fleet Solutions

Launched by Nexus in 2020, the Fleet Solutions program aims to instill a new sales culture aligned with fleet management companies and addresses inventory shortages by guiding dealers to shift from an inventory-based to an order-based sales strategy. One Nexus said the program emphasizes selling beyond vehicles and equips dealers with strategies, training, and resources, resulting in substantial growth for member dealerships. Now, with Commercial Truck Training, the One Nexus Group has added another tool for dealerships to leverage.

“It’s fantastic to have Ken and Will onboard with the team at One Nexus. Their invaluable expertise within the industry, combined with the legacy of Commercial Truck Training, propels One Nexus into a new era of excellence within the US Fleet market,” said Elton Nikaj, director.

More Services Offered

Nikaj said now three distinct services will be offered instead of two. Those services are:

“Since founding Commercial Truck Training, our work with individual commercial dealerships has been an incredible success. By incorporating sales and marketing systems, even brand-new sales consultants have been able to reach a high level of sales in less than six months,” said Taylor. “Commercial Truck Training is a culmination of hundreds of techniques and programs that give any commercial dealership the winning edge. Now, I can’t wait to help One Nexus provide a brand new service that will massively benefit their portfolio of services.”

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