The top 10 most read medium-duty news items in 2023. - Photo: Work Truck

The top 10 most read medium-duty news items in 2023.

Photo: Work Truck

Each year, Work Truck brings you the "top 10 most read medium-duty stories on Work Truck" as of December 22, 2023.

From cutting-edge electric vehicles to transformative partnerships, we’ve got it all to keep you updated on the most popular news throughout the year.

Most-Read Medium-Duty Stories

  • Test Driving Mack's MD Electric — Mack's MD Electric is best suited for P&D and route delivery applications with dry and refrigerated van bodies, tow trucks and light dups with e-PTO requirements, and stake bodies. Equipment Editor Jim Park took a test drive and shared his experience.
  • Amazon Becomes the Biggest U.S. Delivery Business — Amazon has surpassed both FedEx and UPS in package deliveries, with over 4.8 billion packages delivered in the U.S. in 2023 before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The company aims to reach 5.9 billion packages by year-end, prompting shifts in priorities for FedEx and UPS, which now emphasize profitability over volume, with Amazon accounting for about 11% of UPS's revenue.
  • 5 Winter Safety Tips for Work Truck Fleets — As winter approaches, work truck fleet managers face unique challenges to ensure their vehicles' safety and efficiency in harsh conditions. To shed light on effective strategies for preparing work truck fleets for winter, we turned to Jessica Casdin, senior advisor of product success at Verizon Connect, for insights and recommendations.
  • LAX Gets Mullen Automotive Electric Van Pilot Program — Mullen Automotive has initiated a pilot program for its Class 1 electric cargo vans in collaboration with Menzies Aviation and Loop Global Inc. at Los Angeles International Airport, where Menzies is testing the electric vans and Loop Global's charging infrastructure to support its aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2033, assessing the vehicles in various use cases during a 60-day pilot program.
  • Canoo Deliveres First Electric Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles — Canoo delivered its first electric vehicles made in Oklahoma to the state of Oklahoma. This milestone marks the start of Canoo's phased-ramp manufacturing in Oklahoma and its shipment of Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle models to key customers and partners in 2023 with increasing units in 2024.  
  • Mack Defense Gets U.S. Army Contract for Prototype Phase — Mack Defense has secured a contract to develop and deliver prototype trucks for the U.S. Army's Common Tactical Truck program, which aims to modernize and replace around 35,000 heavy tactical trucks in the Army's fleet. The prototypes will undergo rigorous testing to assess their performance, efficiency, and durability, focusing on meeting the Army's requirements for a modern, scalable, and technologically advanced platform that enhances sustainability across truck variants.
  • Neste & Coleman Oil Bring Renewable Diesel to Washington — Neste has partnered with Coleman Oil Company to enhance the availability of Neste MY Renewable Diesel in Washington state, facilitating easier access for cities and businesses in the region. This collaboration aims to expand the usage of renewable diesel and promote sustainable fuel options in the U.S. state.
  • All-New, Fuel-Agnostic Cummins X10 Engine — Cummins will launch the X10, the next engine in its fuel-agnostic series, in North America in 2026. Positioned to replace the L9 and X12 engines, the X10 is designed to be compliant with U.S. EPA's 2027 regulations a year ahead of schedule, with the diesel version initially available and other versions for gaseous fuels introduced later, catering to a range of applications including vocational, transit, pickup and delivery, and regional haul.
  • Ford F-600 Chassis Cab Named Medium-Duty Truck of the Year — The Ford F-600 Super Duty Chassis Cab has been named the Medium-Duty Truck of the Year by Work Truck for the 15th annual award. This marks Ford's 9th win in the award's history and the second time the F-600 has secured the top spot, recognized for its consistency, excellence, and alignment with fleet requirements in areas such as application effectiveness, durability, quality, servicing, maintenance, and lifecycle costs.
  • Mullen Sells First Cargo Vans, Starting on Long List of Orders — Mullen Automotive has officially sold 22 EV cargo vans to the Randy Marion Automotive Group. The $308,000 is the company’s first recorded revenue and is being recognized in the quarter ending June 30, 2023.

As of December 22, 2023, we're concluding our compilation of the top 10 most-read medium-duty news items on Work Truck! We trust this summary has been both informative and beneficial in keeping you abreast of the recent developments in the commercial fleet industry.

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